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Here is where images often first appear, before I have had time to develop a Project or Photo Essay to its final stage. It is the place to share some of the material I have been working on at an early stage of the process, together with the experiences around the work. Dive in and see what you find. For a more precise dive, select a category.

Hope Station

PotD: Stop the train at Hope Station

Sony A7RII : f/3.5@1000th : ISO 160 : EV +0.3 : FE 55mm f/1.8 Stop the Train, I want to get off! Continuing on from where I left off in yesterday’s post, here’s a shot of Hope train station in the Peak District. I’ve taken a bit of creative licence with the sign just to make it more topical in light of recent events; the middle part should read ‘For Castleton and the Caverns’. None of us really knows what’s […]

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Farewell, we'll miss you

PotD: Farewell to our European neighbours

Sony A7RII : f/4.5@100th : ISO 640 : EV 0.0 : FE 25mm f/2 Yesterday Article 50 was triggered by the British prime minister, Theresa May, and the long road to separation from Europe has reached the point of no return. I myself am just back from a long weekend hiking in the Peak District to celebrate a close friend’s 50th birthday. Our first day took us to a part of the Monsal Trail and it was here that I came across this desolate […]

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Liberty in London and Beyond

Visiting London with our two teenage children has become much more of an extended shopping trip, with the occasional cultural interlude and frequent food stops. Not that I’m complaining as I enjoy restocking my wardrobe just as much as they do and eating is something I do well. Hearing that our kids had never been inside the Liberty department store, my wife left me to continue getting my manly fix in the two Filson stores round the corner in Newburgh St., the first Filson […]

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A Misty Morning in Norfolk

We were spending a few days at a friend’s thatched cottage somewhere in the Norfolk countryside, eating well and drinking plenty as we caught up on each other’s news over the last 2-3 years. I woke up early on our final day, more bleary eyed than hungover this time around and before either of our families were stirring. I decided on the spur of the moment to go off for a wander with my camera gear to see if I could capture a […]

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Helsinki 100

Finland 100: 100 – My Helsinki in Independence Centenary Year

Sony A7RII : f/10@250th : ISO 250 : EV 0.0 : FE 55mm f/1.8 A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland’s independence So, this image of ‘My Helsinki‘ is my final post for the ‘100 for 100’ photo series celebrating the start of the centenary of Finnish independence. It has been a lot of fun getting out and about with a camera, but the best part has been learning more about the country […]

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Helsinki 99

Finland 100: 99 – Out with the Old

Sony A7RII : f/8@100th : ISO 1600 : EV -0.3 : FE 35mm f/2.8 A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland’s independence It’s the last day of the year and it has definitely been a difficult year to feel thankful for. There have been results in world events that have left me shocked, with what I regarded as well-researched opinions counting for nothing. My own private world may be going very well but it’s […]

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Helsinki 98

Finland 100: 98 – Broken Reeds in Cracked Ice

Sony A7RII : f/14@640th : ISO 800 : EV 0.0 : FE 35mm f/2.8 A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland’s independence I was walking along the coast on yet another sunny winter’s day and came across this wonderfully graphic scene. I love the way the warm and cool tones mix together to create an initially chaotic abstract, until you are able to recognise the reeds for what they are. Then the incredible amount of detail within the […]

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Finland 97

Finland 100: 97 – Ice Crystals in the Sun

Sony A7RII : f/6.3@250th : ISO 500 : EV 0.0 : FE 90mm f/2.8 A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland’s independence There’s something special about those mornings when the sun has finally risen above the treeline and the dried out grasses that are still standing are covered by a thin layer of ice crystals. I’m still getting used to having a macro lens in my kit bag but love […]

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