About FHaB

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‘From HEL and Back’ (FHaB) is a platform to showcase creative projects by professional image-maker Tim Maher. The name FHaB came about because he is based in Helsinki (HEL) and he has a wondering mind with wandering feet. FHaB is where he develops personal ideas to complement his commercial work. It is a constant work in progress, much like life, and is providing him with the creative satisfaction and the desire to constantly explore. So far this predilection has seen him travel round South America for two months, seeking new memories and recollections to go with his childhood in Argentina and Peru; the daily series of images ‘100 for 100’ to celebrate the upcoming centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017; the photo essay ‘Empty Spaces’, an intimate take on time, space and loss in Madrid; various wanderings round the UK to London, Norfolk and the Peak District… His next project is taking him to Russia for two weeks with another fellow photographer (who has the added skill of being fluent in the language). Who knows what will come of it!

GearTalk: Info on the pre-production and what goes into making a FHaB project – gear options, creative guidelines, technical workflows…, all the bits and pieces that allow for the creative process to remain the top priority when shooting.

Journal: Thoughts and images from the various stages of a project.

Photo of the Day: During a project, it is not always possible to keep up to speed with the Journal entries. The ‘PotD’ posts allow for a more immediate update.

Gallery: If you just want to see the visual work, without the words…

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