Pink Hearts in the Bedroom

Fuji X100S : f/4@60th : ISO 1600 

One of the joys of finally getting my master catalogue organised is coming across images that, for one reason or another, have never seen the light of day. This one here is a prime example and I don’t know whether it is that my tastes have changed or whether it’s just that I didn’t have a platform set up previously to show this kind of work. Whatever it is, I’m loving the light, the lines, and the splash of bright pink hearts through the centre of the image.

This is a shot of our bedroom and, at one point, every wall space, as well as the fitted wardrobes, were covered in these post-it notes. Our children had masterminded this prank for an April Fool’s Day and we were so touched that we ended up leaving them there. Over the years, the hearts have drifted to the floor in their own good time, till there are just a few of them left. Happy memories… And, luckily, the pink hearts falling down have no metaphorical meaning in our relationship!

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