Photo of the Day: Bus Stop in Bariloche

Sony A7RII : f11@250th : ISO 800 : EV -1.7 : FE 35mm f/1.4

In Bariloche, the local buses are a great way to get around. The concrete bus stops may not look like much but they keep the sun off you, are usually filled with interesting graffiti and these little arrow slits allow you to keep an eye on any approaching bus.

Apart from the wonderfully vibrant splash of colour and the graphic tear across the image, I chose this picture of the inside of a bus stop to show off the dynamic range of the Sony A7RII. That’s a lot of light out there and a lot of shadow inside. I was able to underexpose for the highlights and then push cleanly out of the shadows, without having to worry about ending up with a noisy mess in those dark areas. It really is impressive. The only pitfall is making sure you don’t get an unrealistic HDR effect by using this method. Be judicious.

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