Photo of the Day: Cherubs cherubing


Sony A7RII : f2.8@60th : ISO 1600 : EV 0.0 : FE 35mm f/1.4

Always good to get a picture of cherubs in a shot. Going in on a detail like this is also a great way to give an idea of how impressive a building the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires really is. I took the guided tour, like a good tourist, and snapped away with everyone else. It’s never the best way to work and it’s difficult to get anything that captures the splendour all around you. Then I saw these two cherubs sitting there innocently and found a way to say in a picture how wonderfully extravagantly plush the opera house is.

Unfortunately, there is nothing on at the Teatro Colón whilst I’m here. It’s supposed to have some of the best acoustics in the world of large, impressive auditoriums and I would have loved the chance to check it out. Maybe it’s all for the best, as I didn’t pack any formal evening wear. You need it in a place like this. Beautiful.

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  1. Hey Tim, glad to see you’re making headway with your journey. Sounds like you’re having fun with the camera dynamics and all that entails! Very much looking forward to see how the trip expands and what lays ahead.

    • Morning, Clive! Having a great time. My main problem is shooting too much and not leaving enough time for editing and posting. Doesn’t help that wifi is generally sketchy but makes sense when you’re down in Patagonia. You’d love it here. Was at the Perito Moreno glacier yesterday. Wow! Was able to try out working with both cameras slung around me, shooting video and stills. Worked a treat. Hope to post material soon.
      Off for a stroll, with camera, for a few hours. Taking a bus to El Chaltén this evening. Busy, busy!