Photo of the Day: Stranger in the Light


Sony A7RII : f3.2@250th : ISO 100 : EV 0.o : FE 55mm f/1.8

Approaching a stranger and asking to take their picture is not something I have done very much of. It surprises me how often you get a ‘yes’. And those that don’t want their picture taken are happy to say no, no offence given or taken. I think I’m just going to have to do more of it. You do have to approach and get into a person’s personal space, but it seems to be possible to do it in a pleasant way.

I only managed to get two frames of this wonderful looking man. He was never going to look into the camera and I was never going to ask him to. I was just thrilled to be able to get the picture. The detail on the eyebrows, the sharpness of the eyelashes, and then how quickly it all drops off… nice! I think there could be quite a collection of portraits on the horizon.

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