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Mancora Beach and Existentialism


After having been on the road for over a month and with my birthday looming, I decided to check out and head off to a beach for some well-deserved R & R. I’d heard good things about Máncora up in the far north of Peru and booked myself a flight from Arequipa to Piura. It’s all well and good roughing it on overnight buses for a...

Photo of the Day: 9 – Beachscape


I took this photo on the day of my 50th Birthday. I suppose I could have gone for a more joyous shot to celebrate the big day, but I felt that this conveyed the existential angst that surrounds reaching a new decade rather well. My way of dealing with the beyond-midlife crisis was to take a 50 day sabbatical, one day for each year, plus 10 extra...