Roses in the Rain

Photo of the Day: Flower Shower

Sony A7RII : f/9@2000th : ISO 4000 : EV -1.3 : FE 55mm f/1.8 No, it isn’t raining, it’s just the sprinkler system coming on unexpectedly to provide a much needed flower shower, adding another element to the series of images I was gathering with the Sony FE 90mm Macro lens. The gardeners enjoyed my panicked retreat and I was thankful for the weather-proofing on the Sony system. A quick flick of the switch out of macro mode, (I’m not […]

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Pink rose

Photo of the Day: Pink Petals

Continuing on from where I left off with the previous PotD and how much I was enjoying using the Sony FE 90mm Macro lens, here’s another offering of a close-up of a rose, this time focusing in on some lovely pink petals and their beautiful curves. All that’s missing is a little bit of morning dew on the tips,… sigh. Again, this is a handheld shot and I must repeat that having such quick access to manual focus on the […]

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Flower detail

Photo of the Day: Flower Detail and the Sony 90mm Macro

Sony A7RII : f4@1000th : ISO 640 : EV -1.3 : FE 90mm f/2.8 It’s time to talk a little about the Sony FE 90mm Macro G OSS lens. Macro work is not something I do much of in my regular work environment so I was keen to take it out in the field and put it through its paces. With this in mind, I spent a morning walking around a park in Mendoza, Argentina, with my A7R2, photographing flowers. […]

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