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PotD: 43 – Making Waves on Lake Titicaca

Making waves

The trouble with being part of a tour is that you have little control over your schedule and, in effect, over the light, which is why I found myself at ‘La Isla del Sol’ in the midday sun. Nobody’s fault but my own. I’d decided I needed to get to Cusco for the New Year, which meant that I now only had a half day stopover in...

PotD: 42 – Jetty on Lake Titicaca, with Mountains


This was the spot where the boat from Copacabana dropped us off on Isla del Sol, a short walk from the ‘main’ harbour. Nothing like a jetty jutting out into a lake, with mountains in the background, to provide the right elements for a landscape. Admittedly, it was midday, so the light was a little harsh, but I’m happy with the...

PotD: 40 – First view of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

It took a while for the Bolivia Hop bus to make its way out of the congested streets of La Paz but eventually we were clear and heading off towards Lake Titicaca. This was our first quick stop en route; I imagine there must be quite a few shots taken from this same vantage point but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. This is also one...