Finland 100: 79 – Iced Window

Helsinki 79

Sony A7RII : f/5@80th : ISO 125 : EV 0.0 : FE 35mm f/2.8

A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland's independence

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here’s another abstract, this time a close-up of a window pane covered in ice. There is no looking in or out of the iced window, just some lovely tones as the last rays of the setting sun catch the edge of the frame and try to impose themselves over the blue of the sky and the shadows of the trees. Another interesting contrast which you can only see in ‘hires’ is the detail of the ice crystals on the surface of the glass against the blurriness of the exterior setting. It kind of plays tricks with your eyes and makes it seem almost like the brush work of an impressionist painting.

Helsinki 78
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Helsinki 80

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