Finland 100: 78 – Sea Ice Forms

Helsinki 78

Sony A7RII : f/8@200th : ISO 1000 : EV +1.0 : FE 55mm f/1.8

A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland's independence

With the temperatures hovering either side of freezing the last few days, the sea water is at that dreamy stage between solid and liquid, with the swirls of ice on the surface creating lovely gentle abstract shapes. It’s difficult to get an idea of scale without anything to guide you, but I’d say that the top of the frame is about 800 metres away and the foreground about 50. I hope this winter is cold enough for the sea to freeze over properly as I still find it a little unreal to be walking out over the frozen waters, with the occasional ferry passing by through the channels kept open by the local ice-breakers.

Helsinki 77
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