Finland 100: 72 – Cold Steel Roof

Helsinki 72

Sony A7RII : f/6.3@100th : ISO 320 : EV -0.3 : FE 55mm f/1.8

A countdown of 100 images for the 100 days leading up to the 100th Year of Finland's independence

A study in blue, with a splash of yellow, as the sun sets behind the trees on another beautiful clear evening here in Helsinki. This abstract with a steel roof is part of a tiny building tucked away at the far corner of Seurasaari. It was designed in 2010 for Helsinki Design Week by the American architect Travis Price in collaboration with a group of international architectural students. With the national epic the ‘Kalevala‘ the overriding theme in its design, the building is known as the Shaman’s Haven and is available for meetings or meditations.

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