Feisol CT3442

Feisol is my travel tripod of choice

Just by the fact that this site exists, you may have noticed that I like to do a bit of pre-production. The initial plan was simply for me to take a creative sabbatical around South America with my cameras. It was only later that I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the research I’ve done to get the best out of this adventure. This time it’s time to talk about my thoughts on choosing a travel tripod. Being a […]

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Workflow and Time Management: Part 2, FCPX

Just to be clear, I am not an editor. I have sat in on several projects with various editors and have stumbled through some of my own personal projects to a passable level. What I have learnt from this is that editing is both an art and a craft. And when you are not in control of your craft, it can be a long hard slog to reach your artistic goals. I have wasted many an hour to achieve something that […]

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Workflow and Time Management: Part 1, Capture One

I have no idea how many parts there will be about workflow and time management. Just thinking about all the different elements that I will need to manage when on the road gets my heart rate up. Imagine I’m travelling from place to place for two months, taking stills and video most days. That’s a lot of material! It needs to be filed, backed up, good stuff selected, processed, retouched / edited, uploaded, posted to various platforms, archived… A system needs to be in […]

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Teamwork, Fonts and Jazz music

Getting an idea like ‘From HEL and Back’ is the easy part. Daydreaming over where you want to take the idea is the fun part. Putting all the elements in place so as to be able to realise the idea is usually the bit where it all falls apart. Stubbornness and attention to detail are a big help. But what really makes the difference is having the right people in your corner who can take one look at a concept, then shape, polish and spit on […]

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Lightbulb moment for FHaB

The lightbulb moment for FHaB

The idea for From HEL & Back (FHaB) came to me when I was working on the award-winning Transitions1020 project for Nokia, a two week shoot travelling around New Zealand’s south island. The shot above was one of many taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, one of the last mobile devices made by Finland’s Nokia before Microsoft took over. Two days earlier, I’d been shooting fashion for a client in a studio back in Helsinki (HEL, which helps explain the choice […]

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