Teamwork, Fonts and Jazz music

Getting an idea like ‘From HEL and Back’ is the easy part. Daydreaming over where you want to take the idea is the fun part. Putting all the elements in place so as to be able to realise the idea is usually the bit where it all falls apart. Stubbornness and attention to detail are a big help. But what really makes the difference is having the right people in your corner who can take one look at a concept, then shape, polish and spit on it until it shines like the proverbial diamond! Let me introduce to you the best shiner in town, Hash Varsani at Atelier Helsinki! He’s the man responsible for the logo design, the website’s front and backend… Basically, all the content I put in is only able to look as good as it does because he has designed how the site functions and how the site looks. Without a good foundation, all my efforts would be wasted.

Just a bit of advice, don’t get to talk to him about two things, fonts and jazz! I have never known anyone go on about the beauty of fonts as much as he does. Helvetica should be a swear word. And if you mention jazz, don’t expect to go home for a long time. I once heard him state loudly across a poker table that there’s only one type of music and that’s jazz music! We’ve never let him forget his narrow mindedness and he’s come a long way since then but jazz is still his first love.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few Jazz Festivals in Finland with the man, April Jazz in Espoo and the Jazz Happening in Tampere being two particular highlights. Anyway, back to FHaB… and teamwork. Huge thanks to the big man, Hash. Anytime you want to talk to me about fonts or jazz, I’ll be there. May your dreams of owning your own jazz club all come true! And, yes, I did put the ‘I love Funk’ image in on purpose.


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