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PotD: 49 – An Adobe Wall in Cusco

Adobe wall

It’s difficult to fully convey the texture and the detail visible in the hires version of this image of an adobe wall in a Cusco side street. The ‘roots’ have been made by the effect of rainwater trickling down the wall, with the mud from the wall leaving a brown trail as the rain stops and the water begins to dry. I can’t...

PotD: 48 – A Meeting of Cusco Walls

Cusco walls

An earlier PotD may have given the impression that I didn’t have much interest in the architectural wonders to be found in Cusco so I thought I’d add this image here of some Cusco walls to show that I was at least aware of some of what was on offer. From this one spot on a typical Cusco side street, there are four different wall types...