PotD: Mental State I: Fenced Off

Fenced Off

Sony A7R3 : f/8@125th : ISO 320 : EV -0.7 : FE 24-105mm f/4 (55mm)

I’ve walked passed this spot hundreds of times and never felt the inclination to stop and photograph the strip of fence. But, on this particular day, it just seemed to capture my mental state perfectly. Those fences one tries to construct, whether to keep stuff in or out, they may seem like they’re doing a great job but chaos is never too far away. True on a personal and a global scale… Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, you find yourself staring bug-eyed at your screen as a bastion of the world’s largest democracy is overrun by people who truly believe the opposite of what you do. I feel a rant coming on so will stop, as I have neither the will nor the wisdom to make sense of it.

Back in reality (yeah, right!), that little bit of fence may look like it’s doing very little, unless you know that the foreground area is actually part of a dog park. That’s all it takes to keep the dogs from clambering up the granite face and disappearing off into the forest. Order versus chaos. It all makes sense! At least for now.

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