Workflow and Time Management: Part 2, FCPX

Just to be clear, I am not an editor. I have sat in on several projects with various editors and have stumbled through some of my own personal projects to a passable level. What I have learnt from this is that editing is both an art and a craft. And when you are not in control of your craft, it can be a long hard slog to reach your artistic goals. I have wasted many an hour to achieve something that […]

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Workflow and Time Management: Part 1, Capture One

I have no idea how many parts there will be about workflow and time management. Just thinking about all the different elements that I will need to manage when on the road gets my heart rate up. Imagine I’m travelling from place to place for two months, taking stills and video most days. That’s a lot of material! It needs to be filed, backed up, good stuff selected, processed, retouched / edited, uploaded, posted to various platforms, archived… A system needs to be in […]

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