• Shutter speed: 1/125s

It was a long flight from Helsinki to Buenos Aires. Rather than spend the time knowing that there was no chance of an exit for several more hours, I spent it playing around with the Sony A7RII, trying to get used to all those custom and function settings I’d put in place before leaving. I found that this post by Lightfinity had explained really well their choices for how they set up their camera and I thought I’d give it a go. So far, the only thing I’ve changed is removing the setting they have on the Control Wheel for ISO. I found it too easy to accidentally change the setting to 50 ISO and miss out on the first image being useable. I set the Control Wheel to ‘Not Set’, restored the ISO button to the Right Button and moved the ‘ISO Auto Min. SS’ to the Function set-up, where they had the ISO. It may be a little slower, but its less prone to ‘user error’.

This image is a great example of how good the Steadyshot is. There was quite a bit of turbulence coming in to land and I was amazed when I had a look at the series of this image in Capture One. All of them were usable. I only shot as many as I did because I was bouncing around so much that I didn’t think I’d get anything. Pretty impressive. It might not be pin sharp, but it isn’t far off.

As a photo, I like it. The lines, with the blue and orange lighting taking your eyes into the picture, passed the Exit sign, give a good balance to the image. I couldn’t move around much as I was strapped in with my seatbelt. Being able to tilt the display meant I could see what I was getting in the frame and adjust accordingly. Basically, it’s the start of a what could become a beautiful relationship, me and my new camera.

I have to stop now as the five hour time difference is starting to take effect and I still need to go and eat. I hope the sentences make enough sense. I have a backlog of images needing to get done too. Really enjoyed walking around Buenos Aires today. I’ll post another PotD a little later. Unless I fall asleep!

  • Shutter speed: 1/125s

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