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Journal is a chronological collection of posts by Tim Maher leading up to, during and after his various projects.

Oviedo: Gracias por su visita

Oviedo: Gracias por su visita

As I usually do when I go on holiday with the family, I get up before anyone else and head off into the early morning light to get a couple of hours of me-time with my camera, returning in a relaxed frame of mind, often with some local treats...


A first-timer’s short visit to Oslo

Work has taken me to so many different locations and I am often a little ashamed after getting back home not to have found the time to actually get to know something about the place. I made the decision that Oslo would be different and, after...

Liberty in London

Liberty in London and Beyond

Visiting London with our two teenage children has become much more of an extended shopping trip, with the occasional cultural interlude and frequent food stops. Not that I’m complaining as I enjoy restocking my wardrobe just as much as...


A Misty Morning in Norfolk

We were spending a few days at a friend’s thatched cottage somewhere in the Norfolk countryside, eating well and drinking plenty as we caught up on each other’s news over the last 2-3 years. I woke up early on our final day, more...